Salty Libs

Can someone tell me what is up with these looney lefties in the U.S.?

I don’t even live there but I can taste the salt all the way over here. Get it together libs. Stop throwing your tempter tantrums.

I’m so tired of seeing all these nutty feminists protesting, what are you protesting? You already have all your rights and the patriarchy is not out to get you. We even had one of those nutty feminist marches over here in Latvia, I wanted to shoot myself in the foot.

I come from a fairly conservative country so all this gender-bending nonsense going on in Europe and everywhere else is just making me go nuts, people disregarding basic biology and saying there are 1999000 genders, no you nut, there’s only 2, get over it.

All this race stuff going on, all these protests, just seems like people have nothing better to do but just protest stuff that isn’t even relevant nowadays. Come on, stop it already.

Trump is not my president!!! Literally, because I don’t live in the U.S. But I sure wish he was my president, he doesn’t deserve half of the crap he recieves from the media, my guy is bringing jobs back and the economy is booming, boohoo, what a bad pres. Give me a break.

All of the people whining about inequality and sexism and all that other crap should come to Eastern Europe, seriously, I would love to see you throw a hissy fit over here.

I hate how liberals and the left despise Christianity and God, makes me sick to be honest. And I hate how being a conservative is looked down on, I would be a target in America. But, I’m gay and conservative, I wonder what would libs do in this case. Would I be called a xenophobic, homophobic, bigot, sexist, racist? We will never know.

Hope I didn’t TRIGGER any libs with this. 🙂



The False Song of Globalism

The men in suits are plotting demise,

Pockets filled to the brim,

Their hunger for power with a smile they disguise.

Skilled puppeteers, in secret they hide,

Plotting wars inside cities and inside of our minds.

Control is what they want, ruled by money and greed,

They gain pleasure from seeing people die and in need.

They strip people from rights, and those who dare disagree,

Will suffer the might, silenced and brought to their knees.

They want a new order, they want us to comply,

Poison our water and food they will try.

Constant surveillance, one wrong move and you pay,

Thrown to the wolves, left to rot and decay.

But we can resist, be awake and aware,

Hold on to your freedom, stay alert and beware.