Dear Beloved…

Disclaimer: This poem contains violent language. I wrote this and dedicated to the person that abused me once in my lifetime for a long time. I watched a lot of battle rap and got very inspired and decided to put out my rawest emotions out and channel my anger. After all, the person brought into my life the most pain and if I can’t take them out physically, I’ll do it with words.

I swear,

I swear to Jesus or whatever God there is,

I’ll put your through so much agony,

You’ll slash your wrists.

I’ll go ape shit, give you a concussion,

You’ll be seizing out, looking possessed

and I’ll be your EXORCIST!

I swear if I see you,

I’ll put you in a wheelchair like your disabled brother,

Turn your brain into banana powder,

Rip out your insides then walk out like your father!

I’m a warmonger, you can trust me on that,

I’ll lay you out on the pavement, roll you over with a tank,

and crush your back.


I’m not cutting you some slack,

Just because you’re a maniac, narcissist,


They say violence is bad,

Violence is not the answer,

Then I’ll make you go through a thousand x-rays

and watch you brittle away with cancer.

I swear if I smell a trace of your putrid scent,

It’s going to be a war zone and I’m a master of war,

Rip your spine out and enjoy the gore.

Hope you remember, karma is a bad bitch,

so I don’t have to do none of that,

she’ll take care of the business and make you run around like a lab rat.

Hope this poem finds you well, with your shell of a heart,

Hope your lights are still cut off,

so you continue to live in the dark.