The end does not care

Most of the time the end,

is just a new beginning.

And all we should see is happiness in it…

but sometimes it hurts and pain comes with it.

Sometimes a new life,

is an old one refurnished,

a book we’ve already read,

but were too afraid to burn it.

Sometimes we cry when we cannot change things,

we stumble in chaos, trying to pick up our belongings…

we put a wall up and dare anyone to break it,

despite all obstacles, we smile until we make it.

Sometimes the end is just a new chapter to come,

if separated – you become one.

if nobody else did, you’ll learn to love yourself

in the long run.

We all flinch at the thought of conclusion,

it scares us, we don’t know what’s yet to come,

but when we wake up, we know,

the end is just an illusion.


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