Boiling Blood Rant

There’s one thing that pisses me off and makes my blood boil the most…

People, that were given a healthy body, a strong body, not giving a single fuck about it.

Healthy people shoving cigarettes in their mouth and eating garbage all the time.

People don’t appreciate nothing until it gets taking away from them. Disrespecting their bodies and health, taking it for granted, disgusts me really.

I have a friend, by nature very healthy, very strong nerves. But she’s paper thin, blue bags under her eyes, always tired because all she does is smoke, drink coffee and eat garbage and fast food. Every time I try to give advice and help because I’m worried flies into one ear and right out the other.

I wasn’t born healthy, the opposite, but I go out of my damn way to try and at least look after my health, eat healthy so I can at least have a decent level of life and have energy to deal with stress and other issues. I would give anything to be as healthy as her or the average person, some people are not blessed with good health, and those who are disrespect that.

She’s 24 and her teeth are already falling out. What will you do when you’re 40?

Why are people so careless? Wake up, other people would kill to be like you.

If you’re one of those careless people, please stop. Stop it, think about yourself and others around you, how your lifestyle is affecting you and everyone around.

Look at yourself, appreciate what you were given and start treating your body with respect!!!



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