why minimalism is good thing

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I don’t really agree with the fact that minimalism is becoming a fad. It’s more of a show off of who has lesser things. It doesn’t change anything if you’re still obsessed with stuff, with having less of it, it’s still obsessive and it defeats the whole purpose of minimalism.

I’m more in love with the idea of minimalism out of necessity. You become focused on the things that you have and not the things that you need. You become mindful of what you already have and keep yourself away from all the wants. It’s also discipline, and discipline is always a great thing. I think it helps to cope with anxiety, the less stuff you have – the less you worry, the less clutter – the less stress. You have more space and more space feels nice, doesn’t it?

I, for example, love the echo an empty space produces, makes any room feel spacious. Being minimalistic gives me the possibility to live life and experience it focusing more on my thoughts and feelings that are not surrounded by wanting and needing something, but rather experiencing life on raw emotions tossing aside all the meterialistic possesions.

Minimalism has tremendous pros only when you’re not becoming obsessed with it, the benefits are amazing. And did I mention, you save a bunch of money for the things that really bring you joy, like eating at a nice place once in a while.




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